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We specialize in helping adults and beginners to perform sustainable exercise through one-on-one yoga and personal training sessions that are tailored specifically to you. 

What Will My Personal Training or Yoga Sessions Look Like?

You will be set up with an Exercise Physiologist who is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and holds an RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certification. Your plan will include:
  • You and your coach will perform an initial consultation to determine your vision and goals related to your wellness.
  • Your coach will help to create an Individually tailored personal training or yoga programs designed based on your unique strengths, needs, and physical abilities.
  • Throughout your session your coach will help to guide, challenge, and support you in a way that allows you to both progress and stay safe throughout each session.
  • ON-GOING COACHING including: Education, Goal Setting, and collaboration with your physician when necessary.

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