“I’ve worked with Joel for the past 6 months. I’ve been down this road before but THIS WAS DIFFERENT!  The difference was Joel Woldt and Masters Health Coaching.  In the past I was able to focus on one aspect towards better health.  However, I have never achieved the trifecta of exercise, nutrition and behavior management all at the same time. Joel uses multiple techniques to keep the process fresh and exciting while I reach and set new goals along the way! Joel’s passion, professionalism and expertise immediately put me at ease, allowing me to enjoy the process as well as successes in every area.”

Wendy K.

“I came to Joel in poor physical condition, overweight, and demoralized by allowing myself to fall back into old habits. Joel created an action plan for me and 3 days a week since June I have been working out with his top notch guidance and expertise.My physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and morale have improved enormously.

Joel is a world class motivator, highly trained, and always professional. He is passionate about what he does and brings that enthusiasm to every single workout. Honestly, Joel changed my life and I feel grateful for his continued support and motivation.”

Betsy B.

“Working with Joel has had a significant impact my life.  While I’ve lost weight, increased my strength, and experienced a host of other benefits; I have most appreciated Joel’s holistic approach and guidance in making incremental changes that work for the long term.  Because of this approach, the habits we have cultivated together have become deeply ingrained and are increasingly a part of who I am.  Most importantly, Joel has integrity and is not in it for a quick fix. His driving focus is to help you make changes that will last a lifetime.”

David K.